Business Telephone Systems: 3 Features That Help Increase Workplace Productivity

17 October 2014
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Did you know that the average employee is distracted from their workplace for approximately 96 minutes every day, and these interruptions can easily break momentum of any progress that they were making on their work. Being able to handle, process and redirect phone calls in the workplace environment can help to greatly improve overall productivity, which will not only center each employee's ability, but also ensure quality customer service care. Installing business telephone systems can help improve your workplace productivity through these 3 features. 

Extension Dialing Reroutes Calls to the Right Employees

There is nothing more distracting than answering a call that is not for you. Unwanted calls can easily cause a wave of disruption in the workplace productivity for all employees, especially if the call was only meant for one person. Business telephone systems will include extension dialing. Each employee will be given their own 3-digit extension number, which will then allow everyone to share the main business number, but still allow the calls to be redirected and rerouted to certain individuals.

In short, customers will have the ability to directly contact the right employees who can help them answer their questions and follow up with their files without disrupting everyone else. This minimizes the amount of distractions that all of your employees will be subjected to on a regular basis.

Leave a Message with a Voicemail

Although everyone claims the ability to multitask, recent studies have shown that multitasking can reduce productivity by approximately 40%. Knowing this, you will want to encourage your employees to handle one task at a time. This can be difficult when there are many ongoing things happening in the office. To help your employees better direct their focus onto the tasks that they have at hand, you will want to subscribe to business telephone systems that offer voicemail features. Each extension will have his or her own private voicemail set up, and each employee can record his or her own greeting message.

This means that your employees can focus on the task at hand without rushing to the phone. Once they have successfully completed one task, they can then go back to their voicemails to find out what they missed, and what they need to do. Although seemingly minor, the voicemail feature offered by business telephone systems can help an employee maintain their focus on one task at a time.

Have a Professional Virtual Receptionist Answer Each Call

Last but not least, you want to make sure that a professional is answering the calls every time. Did you know that recent studies show that 7 out of 10 callers will hang up immediately if they get the answering machine on the first time? To prevent this, subscribe to business telephone systems that also include a professional virtual receptionist.

The virtual receptionist is responsible for making a good first impression and handling the customers. They are invaluable at answering common questions and advertising services or promotional offers. So, what is the benefit of having a professional virtual receptionist? Simple. Your employees are no longer distracted by frivolous or trivial questions that could be easily answered by just about anyone who knows your company. This allows your employees to focus on more important tasks that they have at hand. 


If you want to generate more revenue and propel your business to bigger grounds, it is important to establish a business practice and system that is extremely productive. By subscribing to the right business telephone systems, you can achieve this goal by ensuring that your employees have fewer distractions in the workplace, and can spend more of their time and energy focused on the tasks that they have at hand. For more information, go to websites of companies that specialize in business telephone systems.